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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

'IndieMusicBus's' Artist of the Month September 2012 - Lee Gibson

I am absolutely thrilled to begin a new chapter of reviews on this site. For those who didn’t know, I have recently been partnered with the company Indie Music Bus as their Official Artist/Band of the Month reviewer! I would really like to thank the company and Walter Hargrave for this opportunity and look forward to seeing what this partnership can offer.

The Artist of the Month for September 2012 turned out to “Six-foot-four-inch, long-haired, Country-singing son-of-a-gun Lee Gibson”. His songs speak of love lost & found, pleasures & pains from the past & the present, and the ups & downs of growing up in a small town – things to which many of us can relate. He has shared the stage with greats such as George Jones, T. Graham Brown, & Darryl Worley. He’s no stranger to a crowd regardless the size. I was greatly looking forward to reviewing his songs available on his ReverbNation profile.

The first I listened to was ‘Tennessee Rain’. I loved the A Capella opening with Lee and several backing vocals, and found these to be in perfect harmony; this was a great opening. The instrumentation adopted by this piece was something unpopular in songs of today; both electric and acoustic guitar were present along with piano, and this worked really well. The song kept a steady beat and I really liked the little licks on the electric guitar occasionally throughout the verse. The best feature of this song however was the use of arpeggiated harmony; the last line of the chorus ends with Lee and the backing vocals harmonising which I found to be fantastic. What were also noteworthy were the perfectly pitched vocals; the vocalist had great diction and a beautiful tone.

The next song I thoroughly enjoyed listening to was ‘Somewhere Other Than Here’. I found the opening motif to be at a higher pitch and thus had a lovely tone to open the song. The entirely of this song reminded me more of the country genre; particularly due to the different instrumentation to begin the song. Nevertheless I found myself tapping my foot to this song and loved the harmonies and backing vocals throughout, particularly in the chorus. What I also liked was how the opening motif returned as an instrumental bridge between verses and chorus. I also loved the use of an organ; this provided an alternate instrumental and the addition of an organ solo also was fantastic.

The final song I listened to was ‘Still There’. The acoustic opening paved the way for an unexpected electric guitar motif; a great feature of this song and a fabulous opening. For me, this song seemed the blend the boundaries between the pop and country genre, but regardless, it was fantastic to listen to. I also liked the bridge before the chorus; especially how the drum beat changed to provide a slower atmosphere and therefore variation throughout the song. The electric guitar also had a beautiful tone in the chorus, and once again, the use of an organ was present, another fabulous feature of this song.

To call Lee Gibson an artist would be an understatement. This man blends the boundaries between different genres to provide entertaining and soothing music; of which I thoroughly enjoyed listening to. His music was a fabulous starter of a great partnership between IndieMusicBus and myself, and I thoroughly recommend you check out his music and also the company.

The man himself - Lee Gibson.
Once again, I would like to thank people for this opportunity and partnership and I look forward to further opportunities with them.

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Please also note that on Saturday I will be enrolling to the University of Hull to study Jazz and Popular Music. Because of this, reviews may be slightly sporadic and my scheduling may change pending my timetable. Please do not lose hope and abandon me; this blog is here to stay and always will be.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review. Tom.


  1. The review is beautifully written and inflames my curiosity about the artist. The only thing I found lacking is no easy access link to hear what is being described.

    1. Hi I've changed that, I've added a ReverbNation widget. Thank you for your feedback regarding my writing and the review itself.

  2. Sounds great! I will have to check him out.